There isn’t any form of art more impressive than this of Mosaic. It’s a miracle how these small square pebbles –made of stone or glass- can be connected with such mastery to create the masterpieces we have all admired.
   KS Mosaic tries to mimic exactly the mosaic style, under of course, all technical limitations. Each mosaic glyph has been designed entirely by hand, without any mechanical support. The family included three types of dropcaps: KS Mosaic Beta consists of glyphs that have a mosaic depiction, while Gramma consists of the same characters on a negative background and border. The Alpha family contains a set of typical Byzantine glyphs.
   The KS Mosaic family contains only capitals, one weight and all possible accentuation options (polytonic) and supports the Latin and Cyrillic alphabet. It’s accompanied by a small set of decorative symbols, suitable to the beginning or end of words or titles. Due to its excessive details, KS Mosaic apparently works best in large sizes, like dropcaps, titles etc. For technical reasons, it’s best to avoid using it in small font sizes (smaller than 24 pts).

KS Mosaic Alpha/Beta/Gamma supports the Greek polytonic writing system, as well as the Latin and Cyrillic alphabet. Includes only capitals in all possible accentuation options (polytonic).


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