Click here to download a pdf text sample, as well as this typeset's features.

   KS Decorative was designed to cover the need for a different aesthetic approach of the text beyond simple typographic display. It constitutes the first Greek fonts consisting exclusively of decorative patterns.
   It includes five groups of decorative ornaments, which, depending on the text style, can confer unparalleled aesthetic to any text, no matter how simple or complex it may be.
   The first group consists of a series of decorative headpieces for the top of the text. Some of them are available in two lengths, depending on the text width. The second group consists of ecclesiastic style decorative elements that can be used both within the text and/or at the end of the page. The rest of the groups consist of decorative patterns depicting flowers, birds, animals, boats and geometric shapes that can mainly be used at the end of the text.    Careful and moderate use of this typeset can transform a text from a simple letter surface to a fascinating text filled with a typographic aroma that will refer the reader to beautiful times past!
   This typeset is also available in CD in linear accessible file format (vector/eps).