1. Custom designed font for exclusive use
Anagrafi can design fonts for your corporate or personal needs, providing you a unique text presentation. We can build your custom-designed font from the ground up, or start with an existing font family to save time and money. The rights of usage (usage / transfer / sale) of a custom designed font belong solely to the owner. The time required for such work varies from one to several months.

2. Fonts designed on the basis of old manuscripts or from your own personal hand-written script
Oftentimes we discover old manuscripts with intriguing type or hand-written letter forms, and are inspired to revive then in a new font. Anagrafi can help. Though time consuming, this straightforward process begins by creating new characters based on prototypes that you provide. With the help of pen and paper, scanning technology, and font design software, Anagrafi is able to convert non-digital letter forms, rectifying any deficiencies or missing letters (esp. capitals) and provide you with a fully functional digital font. Taking full advantage of OpenType technology, Anagrafi can provide a modern font that includes discretionary ligatures, contextual character and titling alternatives, ordinals and stylistic sets. Based on our expertise, we will adhere to the rules of modern type design and our knowledge of text aesthetics, to deliver something uniquely beautiful that will make a lasting impression.

3. Font files conversion
The introduction of the Unicode standard in the Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems, created compatibility problems that left hundreds of font inactive and unusable. Anagrafi can help you take an old, incompatible dormant font and give it new life by converting it into a format compatible with modern computers.

4. Font repair
Anagrafi can help you repair problematic fonts:
a) Add missing characters, especially archaic symbols, accented Latin characters (in Latin-based alphabets), currency symbols, fractions, various punctuation marks.
b) Correct improper kerning (the wrong distances between characters), or line spacing errors (leading)
c) Correct poorly designed letterforms, including numerals
d) Add numerals with varying base and height (legacy / old-style numerals)
e) Add characters, symbols or decorative motifs (even logos!)

5. "Hellenization" or "latinization" of fonts
You may have older fonts that are important to your organization, but which are missing either Greek or Latin characters, making their use problematic. Anagrafi can create new letterforms for such fonts, based on your requirements.

6. Polytonic conversion
Do you have a monotonic Greek font, but wish that it were polytonic? Anagrafi can help make any monotonic font into polytonic by utilizing the Unicode standard and our expertise in Greek language letterforms. There are dozens of monotonic fonts that can easily be transformed into polytonic.

7. Adding ligatures and other characteristics to existing fonts
Anagrafi can help you transform your favorite font into something uniquely beautiful through the addition of ligatures and discretionary characters. The use of ligatures gives text an elegant, almost calligraphic quality, creating a unique harmony among the letterforms. By using ligatures intelligently, an ordinary text is transformed into a high-quality manuscript. [In order to use ligatures, a compatible application is required. Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXPress, CorelDraw, OpenOffice all support (wholly or partially) ligatures.]
In addition to ligatures, OpenType technology supports other discretionary and contextual letterforms:
- Specific ligatures (discretionary ligatures)
- Fractions
- Ordinals
- Numbers of varying base and height (old style numerals)
- Specially designed initial and final characters (swash)
- Alternative stylistic character sets

8. Additional font weights
If a font family lacks any of the weights you need (i.e. Italic, Bold or BoldItalic), we can help. By adding additional weights, an incomplete font-family will gain new usefulness.

9. Initial caps fonts
Anagrafi can design special fonts with decorative initial caps on the basis of old manuscripts, handwritten letterforms, or books.

10. Special symbol fonts
Certain documents require the use of special symbols (musical, mathematic, monetary, graphical, decorative etc.). Anagrafi can create a font or add characters to an existing one, to include the special characters you need.

11. Outdated file recovery
With the introduction of modern operating systems on personal computers (Windows Vista, 7, 8 and Macintosh OS X+), certain compatibility issues arose, thereby orphaning old files. If you have such files, please contact us and we may be able to help you retrieve these "lost" texts [such texts often exhibit strange garbled characters]. Though there is no guarantee of success, more often than not, such our retrieval efforts are successful.